Why did lawmakers pass such a job killing bill that is wreaking havoc on freelancers across the state?

An overwhelming majority, 82% of independent contractors, say the freedom to set their own schedules, work on their own terms and choose flexible hours outweighs the benefits of being an employee.

Just when our economy is on the verge of collapse, and employees are being laid off by the millions, we need the innovation and resourcefulness that independent contracting provides.  Instead,  AB5 is destroying job opportunities and magnifying the economic disaster for families struggling to support their families.

Now as the election approaches, these same lawmakers are scrambling to patch up their disaster with more legislation, AB2257.  JUST SAY NO !!  Granting exemptions, picking winners and losers arbitrarily is undemocratic and unfair to the smaller categories that can’t afford to lobby for special treatment.

The Solution is to REPEAL AB5 IMMEDIATELY !!  Respect Our Rights, Liberate California Workers to Choose the system that best fits their needs for earning a living. Most Importantly,  choose leaders that put hard-working Californian’s interests ahead of their own special interests.